As the use of medical cannabis becomes more well researched and widely accepted as a safe and useful medicine for individuals, a growing number of products are appearing on the market. CO2 extractions set themselves apart by being the superior product available, providing the purest and cleanest way to ingest cannabis.

CO2 is a “green solvent” that provides pure, solvent-free extracts by utilizing carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is all natural, nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to ingest. The cannabis oil extraction is created using carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures until it becomes what is known as a “supercritical fluid,” which then is able to strip the essential oils of the cannabis plant much like hydrocarbon solvents. The CO2 extraction process allows compounds to be extracted with little damage and low toxicity while preserving much of the terepines, which keeps the flavor of the cannabis in the extract. The process of Supercritical CO2 extraction is scientifically based, safe (nonflammable), and provides a product that can test upwards to 90% Thc due to preservation abilities. CO2 oil extractions are significantly cleaner than butane or hexane extractions which are derived from petroluem, dangerous to produce and can cause adverse health effects on the body.

When looking to use cannabis as a medicine, pay attention to the quality of the product and the process in which the product is created. Choose a lab tested, CO2 extracted oil made from a clean cannabis product that will work synergystically with your body to create better health.