33 Cannabis Logo Designs Shaping the Industry

By Bridget Renee – Kindtyme.com, August 18, 2017

Designs that directly represent the cannabis brand name and/or product

The California-based Temple Extracts uses a design of a temple as their logo. It’s an obvious choice for the name, but a very unique subject to look at. What makes this design really stand out is its excellent use of shapes and lines that create balance, while still attracting the eye to multiple places within the logo.

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Temple Extracts Has Deep Roots In Cannabis

By Tom Hymes – MG Retailer, August 2, 2017


When and if the potential of the cannabis movement of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is fully realized—and the earth and its inhabitants are renewed, restored, and ultimately saved—profound thanks will go to those in the cannabis community who served as resolute custodians of sustainable agricultural and manufacturing practices. Temple Extracts will be among that group of generational heroes. The Nevada City, California-based producer of ultra-pure cannabis oil extracts is the brainchild of Michael Bardin and David St. Clair, longtime farmers steeped in pure, healthy living and the philosophy of life that ungirds organics and sustainability, values imbuing their products, their business, and their relationships.

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More Than a Pretty Package

MGRetailer.com, July 10, 2017

Temple Extracts’ rebranding efforts produced new designs and packaging that more accurately communicate the company’s core values of quality and sanctuary.

Companies with a reputation for excellence know effective design and packaging are essential components of any growth strategy, especially in competitive markets. The process comprises continual perfecting. In that spirit, Temple Extracts believes its new packaging breathes new life into a company that has a well-earned reputation for oil that:

  • Is always strain-specific, supercritical-CO2-extracted cannabis oil.
  • Is derived from the highest grade,top-shelf source material, ecologically farmed and pesticide-free.
  • Contains no additives, ever: no PEG (polyethylene glycol), PPG (polypropylene glycol), coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, or food-grade terpenes.

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Temple Extracts Ultra-Pure Cannabis Oils Now Paired With PAX Era Pods

MGRetailer.com, June 10, 2017

Oil lovers will be pleased to hear that Temple Extracts has become a provider of Era Pods for PAX Labs’ PAX Era. The company is currently rolling out additive-free, strain-specific Sativa, Indica and Hybrid concentrate oils in PAX Era Pods to dispensaries throughout the state of California.

“It’s a perfect match for our extracts and we’re grateful for this opportunity,” said Temple Extracts co-founder Michael Bardin. “We’re truly excited for patients to experience our oils in such an advanced device.”

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Temple Extracts Helped Ring in a Healthier New Year

Marijuana.com, January 16, 2017

Already on edge and in Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year festivities with approximately 300,000 of my closest friends, I was recently tasked with putting Temple Extracts through a personal 710 (oil) assessment. Bidding 2016 a fond farewell amidst the blazing lights and pulsating sounds of Sin City, I found myself well supplied with three strains for the evening: Vanilla Kush, Blue Dream, and Cherry Pie. Scrutinized by three different criteria for the review process, as the calendar flipped to the New Year … my 2017 was off to a lofty start.

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Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Design: The Way of the Future

Leafly.com, December 8, 2016

Overview: Temple’s single-origin, strain-specific CO2 extracts are handcrafted in small batches in Northern California. The company is committed to using pure, high-quality ingredients and sustainable production methods.

Packaging solution: Sustainable packaging was consistent with Temple Extracts’ passion for building a socially conscious, environmentally sustainable brand and helping further a national sustainable cannabis movement. “[Temple Extracts] decided on a unique combination of eye-catching graphic elements, including foil stamping and UV spot gloss coating,” says Nachtwey, who worked with Temple Extracts on the project. “To ensure a continuous visual appearance, we printed on both inside and outside. Special ‘soft touch’ coating enhances the tactile packaging experience.”

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Richmond lifts ban on commercial cannabis grows

Mercury News, June 22, 2016

RICHMOND — This city could soon become a major hub for marijuana cultivation and manufacturing after the passage of one of the most liberal policies in the Bay Area. Starting Friday, Richmond will allow an unlimited number of permits for commercial cannabis grows as well as businesses that produce edibles like cookies, brownies and tinctures. The goal of the new law is to bring a sometimes shady industry into the sunlight and generate money for a city that is perpetually strapped for cash.

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